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Eddy's Basement
Dale Rutan Sendoff
March 7, 2016

Stream Eddy's Basement, Dale's Sendoff

Eddy's Basement
Dale Rutan's Classics
March 1, 2016

Stream Eddy's Basement, Dale's Classics

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Dale's Speech by Molly    Molly Rutan 160307
Bill Benson MC for Raffle    Bill Benson "
Carrie & Molly Singing    Carrie & Molly Rutan "
Perfect Satisfaction    Eddy's Basement "
No Answer    Eddy's Basement "
Liar's Moon    Eddy's Basement "
Strange Creature    Eddy's Basement "
Torn Label    Eddy's Basement "
Maycomb    Eddy's Basement "
Hall of Mirrors    Eddy's Basement "
She Haunts Him    Eddy's Basement "
What a Shame    Eddy's Basement 160301
8 Times a Fool    Eddy's Basement "
Dog Without a Bone    Eddy's Basement "
Howlin' At the Moon    Dale Rutan "
Gone Too Long    Dale Rutan "
Grocery Store    Dale Rutan "
Eye of the Hurricane    Dale Rutan "
Good Book    Dale Rutan "
No Love Can Be Found    Dale Rutan "
8 Times a Fool    Dale Rutan "
Dog Without a Bone    Dale Rutan "
What a Shame    Dale Rutan "
One Minute To the Next    Dale Rutan "
I'm A Walkin'    Dale Rutan "
Comin' Home To You    Dale Rutan "
Money    Dale Rutan "
Dreams    Dale Rutan "
Moanin' 'N' Cryin'    Dale Rutan "
Now That I'm Older    Dale Rutan "
Like a Cobra    Dale Rutan "
Ballin' That Jack    Dale Rutan "
Cruisin'    Dale Rutan "
Please That Woman    Dale Rutan "
It's Gonna Be You    Dale Rutan "

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