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Tribal War    Rastafrica 070325
The Way They Used to Be    Rastafrica "
In a Distant Time    Rastafrica "
Anything Can Happen    Rastafrica "
Cry to Me    Rastafrica 070415
Redemption Songs    Rastafrica "
I Sing for You    Rastafrica 070422
So Much Things to Say    Rastafrica "
Don't Ask Me Why    Rastafrica "
Rasta Man    Rastafrica 070513
Things Are Not the Way They Used to Be    Rastafrica "
No One Can Stop It Now    Rastafrica "
When Your Well Runs Dry    Rastafrica "
Black Mon Redemption    Rastafrica 070603
Comin' In    Rastafrica "
Rastafrica    Rastafrica. 060917

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