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Freeville Music was formed on August 28, 2006 to bring information about and recordings of local music performances to the performers and to their audience. See Openmic Recordings or click here to search for recordings.

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Freeville, NY is located about halfway between the village of Dryden and the city of Ithaca. Trumansburg and Cortland are not far away. We are less than an hour from Syracuse, Binghamton, Elmira, Owego, Waverly and Watkins Glen to name only a few places where live music might be playing. Rumor has it that one can travel to New York City (downstate) or Buffalo (upstate) in four hours or so, and although these rumors are unconfirmed, I have eaten some mysteriously fresh seafood recently as well as some dynamite chicken wings.

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A usually accurate schedule of music events happening near Freeville may be found at the Ithaca Times.

Local Open Mic's

All of these places have live music as well as regular open mic nights. The list is in order of proximity to Freeville. Always call ahead if you are travelling any distance as schedules are notoriously subject to change.

Local Festivals

Other Live Local Music Sites and Small Venues

Open Mic - Websites

The Nines Acoustic Open Mic Recordings
Recorded and edited using Audacity, a free and open source program for Mac, Linux and Windows.
Folk Alley Openmic
A streaming radio station out of Kent State. Also a place to upload your recording.
A nationwide list of open mics. (the Hotel Utah in San Francisco is highly recommended)

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